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Buongiorno, Monsieur! ¿Como Estás?


Travelling abroad would be so much easier if I stuck with my native tongue. But I can’t, not when I’m standing on foreign soil and know three or four dozen words each of Spanish, Italian and French. Foreign words spew out of my mouth like coins from a slot machine. When I'm lucky, they match [...]

Buongiorno, Monsieur! ¿Como Estás?2023-11-16T10:17:12+00:00

Escaping Europe’s Heat and High Prices in a Camper Van (Posted Apr 21, 2020)


  When record temperatures scorched Western Europe last summer, husband Bob and I bundled up in windbreakers and sweatshirts in a cool, coastal sliver of the continent. If the heat wave caught us, we would have headed to the mountains or a cooler coast. That was the beauty of traveling in a rented camper van [...]

Escaping Europe’s Heat and High Prices in a Camper Van (Posted Apr 21, 2020)2020-04-26T00:02:59+00:00

Will Work for Adventure (Posted Apr 18, 2020)


Cynthia and Bob working away at host homes in France and Spain. Older Volunteers Welcome in European Homes When I was a student in London for a semester, I told an older, wiser woman that I dreamed of a life with enough money to travel. I didn’t mean 10-day tours of Rome, Paris [...]

Will Work for Adventure (Posted Apr 18, 2020)2020-04-25T13:29:49+00:00