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The Skinny on a Flabuless Vacation


Acquiring a spare tire on vacation is the least a gal can do for friends stuck at home. And I would, if I could. But when I travel with Bob, I always lose weight. Traveling like we do, anyone else would, too. Allow me to make amends for my next getaway by revealing how you, [...]

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So, You Want to be a Runner (Posted May 9, 2020)


Original Cyn running with the bulls. Everybody wants to be a runner as long as they don’t have to run. Well, wannabes, you’re in luck. There’s never been a better time for you. It took them almost 2,800 years, but race organizers finally realized runners don’t actually want to run. Early runners just [...]

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Why Do They Do That? (Posted Apr 9, 2020)


You’d think I’ve lived on this planet long enough to know a thing or two about human behavior. Apparently, I don’t. I’m more baffled than ever by so many things I see people do. Last night, for instance, I saw a pregnant woman spend a good two minutes talking on the news, all the while [...]

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Joining the Humid Brace (Posted Mar 21, 2020)


Every year around this time, snowbirds charmed by high-rise condos and traffic reminiscent of mid-town Manhattan think about making South Florida their year-round home. As a permanent resident, I’d recommend they spend a summer here first. Not because of the heat. Everybody knows Florida summers make steam rooms feel downright refreshing. And not because of [...]

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Original Cyn’s Guide to Understanding Trump Talk on the Coronavirus (Posted Mar 16, 2020)


Don’t worry about coronavirus; it hits only old people. Or is it rich people? Or old, rich people living in New Rochelle? Should we wear face masks? Or not? Go to work? Stay home? Buy stocks? Or sell?   Fortunately, we have a president who’s getting daily updates on COVID-19 from the world’s leading virus [...]

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Myths and Realities of Working at Home (Posted Apr 12, 2019)


For almost 15 years, I’ve inspired the admiration and respect normally reserved for popes, royalty and people who can down a pitcher of beer in one gulp. And I do it with four simple words -- “I work at home.” Green-eyed 9-to-5ers picture me sleeping until 10, banging out a few bon mots, meeting friends [...]

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Scenes From the Perfect Wedding (Posted Apr 11, 2019)


As spring fills the air, young lovers’ thoughts invariably turn to demonstrating their unending love and devotion to each other by dressing in uncomfortable costumes and kissing 32 cousins they haven’t seen in the nine years since Uncle Albert died. And, of course, every young lover dreams of staging the perfect wedding, even though there [...]

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Baby Talk (Posted Apr 7, 2019)


I read some great novels while I was pregnant. I saw some good movies, too. I might have even picked up some juicy gossip. Nobody gave a hoot. When you’re pregnant, people lose all interest in talking to you about anything beyond your reproductive system. That might not be so bad if they offered useful [...]

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Grab Bag (Published Apr 5, 2019)


Hugh Grant just gave me a great idea. He made a public appeal for the return of a bag stolen from his car. That made me realize I needed to make a similar public appeal. See, I had a bag snatched from my car around the same time as Grant. But unlike the British actor, [...]

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Social Mediocrity (Posted Jan 13, 2019)


I’m dating myself here, but I remember a time when a friend was someone I’d not only met in person, but actually liked. I’d been to most friends’ homes. They’d been to mine. I’d known most for years, sometimes decades. We’d grown close mostly by talking – at work, at school, sometimes over the phone. [...]

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