For the Health of It

Doctor Google’s Orders (Posted Nov 11, 2019)


I’ve never understood why healthy people regularly go to the doctor to find out if they’re sick. I go to the dermatologist once a year, and only because I live in South Florida, where we get skin cancer looking out the window. My only other doctor is the gynecologist, who I see when the pile [...]

Doctor Google’s Orders (Posted Nov 11, 2019)2020-04-25T13:33:33+00:00

Ad Hoc Docs (Posted Jan 13, 2019)


I have a tough time understanding why anyone would worry about the shortage of doctors, or for that matter, the cost of health care. I’ve met countless people who enjoy nothing more than giving medical advice. Unlike folks with M.D. after their names, they’re willing to work nights, weekends and holidays, for absolutely no cost. [...]

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On the Road to Recovery (Posted Jan 8, 2019)


The last time I went to a primary-care doctor, I left with a lollypop. It’s not just the absence of candy that kept me away all these decades since, although a Mounds bar would have made me think twice. The real reason I’ve stayed away is that I just saw no need to have a [...]

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