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You Can’t Get Hyderized on a Cruise


Sane people cruise to Alaska, or they fly. Not me and Bob. We saw a chance for two adventures – seeing Alaska and getting to Alaska. The getting to would have taken us 10 days if we’d driven seven hours a day. We gave ourselves a month, knowing we would be drawn off course often [...]

You Can’t Get Hyderized on a Cruise2023-06-27T17:33:29+00:00

Lessons Learned in Prekindergarten


A 99.9 percent true parody   A month into the school year, students in the prekindergarten class where I’m helping are behind. “I don’t know how I’ll ever get them ready for kindergarten,” Mrs. Moss* confided. “I have just eight more months. Only five of my students can multiply fractions. Just two know a trapezoid [...]

Lessons Learned in Prekindergarten2023-06-27T17:10:59+00:00

My Private Little Patter


If you see me cross my knees Just as I’m about to sneeze I’m grateful you can’t read my mind. But if you could, then you would find This old mom’s little patter: Mind over bladder, mind over bladder, mind over bladder…

My Private Little Patter2023-06-27T17:16:41+00:00

All You Need is Weird


Bob and I were just getting out of our van at a local beach when a woman exiting the car next to us rushed up to me and said, “You two seem like you’ve been together a long time.” She looked to be about our age. So did the man she was with. I hesitated [...]

All You Need is Weird2023-01-02T17:21:51+00:00

Read the Signs, Y’All


I realized only after leaving Rhode Island how lucky I’d been to grow up in a state that’s loaded with scenic landmarks and small enough for visitors to see all of them in a 10-minuite drive down the interstate. Our most famous landmark is the Big Blue Bug, a 58-foot long steel and fiberglass termite [...]

Read the Signs, Y’All2023-06-27T19:30:58+00:00

Emoji? Oh No, Gee!


If ever in a poem, story or book, To be sure my readers grasp my outlook, Be it tongue-in-cheek Or sadly bleak, I throw in an emoji, Then, I fear, It’s perfectly clear I’ve lost my writing mojo-i.

Emoji? Oh No, Gee!2023-06-27T17:17:10+00:00

The Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop or Why I’ll Never Be Cathy Guisewite


I sat down to write, But I couldn’t just yet. I first had to call my old roommate Annette. Then I dusted the bedroom, the den and the hall And tore down the spiderwebs in the guest shower stall. Then I gave the porch an overdue sweep. It was covered in oak leaves six inches [...]

The Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop or Why I’ll Never Be Cathy Guisewite2023-06-27T17:19:02+00:00

Seeing Red


Yes, I know, I’m a bloody mess But please don’t panic; I’m fine. I haven’t been speared or punched or shot Or attacked by a pack of wild swine.   Only my pride is wounded. And I wish I had an excuse For being such a klutzy slob With a glass of fresh beet juice.

Seeing Red2023-06-27T17:19:36+00:00

Let’s Get Married


The dishes are chipped, The glasses mismatched. Our napkins are worn to shreds.   We’d been in a funk Over ugly old junk When an idea popped into our heads.   Let’s get married, I said, Thinking ahead, Of crystal and china and brass.   We’ll get great gifts galore, Live like Zsa Zsa Gabor. [...]

Let’s Get Married2023-06-27T17:20:23+00:00

Twisted Roots


Incest is a heinous sin, We Christians must believe. But if that’s so, I’d like to know How we descended from Adam and Eve.  

Twisted Roots2023-06-27T17:20:50+00:00